If you missed it last week, Tua Tagovailoa revealed that if he had his choice of which team to play for in the NFL, he would select the Dallas Cowboys.

His comments didn’t have as much to do with the current roster or ownership of the team but come after growing up a Dallas fan. He even said he would be willing to sit and learn under Dak Prescott.

Tagovailoa’s comments created a buzz but no one had a reaction quite like the one from Stephen A. Smith during a recent episode of ESPN show “First Take” in which the commentator basically argued the former Alabama quarterback would ruin his life if he played in Dallas for Jerry Jones’ franchise.

“Well, I don’t like (Tua’s comments) because I don’t think that a young phenom, with all the potential in the world – once he gets healthy, needs to contaminate himself to such a flagrant degree before he even does anything,” Smith argued on the show. “You know, listen, being a Cowboy, it’s going to give you the sizzle, it’s going to give you the back pages. But I think they’ve proven, your Thanksgivings are not going to be very beneficial. Christmas time is not going to be a festive time for you. To be a member of the Dallas Cowboys is to virtually ensure that your holiday seasons are not going to be jolly.”

While noting the ownership in Dallas, which Smith pointed out are his dear friends, are happy and making money running the franchise, the ESPN commentator doubled down on his belief that the actual players of the franchise don’t have a good life.

“They are certainly not going to bring in the New Year right,” Smith continued. “I mean, so just think about this, if I told any of you out here today, that, guess what, we’ve got 365 days in a year, 12 months in a year, and Thanksgiving is not going to be good to you. Christmas is not going to be great for you and bring it into New Year’s is not going to be festive for you by any stretch of the imagination.

“What kind of a life is that? That is the life of a Dallas Cowboy.”

Imagine having Smith live on ESPN’s NFL Draft set while Mel Kiper Jr. breaks down film and discusses picks while Smith comments on the life these players will have in their new homes. That would make for some interesting television.