If there is a football season in 2020, will Tua Tagovailoa see the field come the fall?

That’s the expectation, according to ESPN’s Laura Rutledge, who shared the latest on what she’s hearing from Tua’s camp during her recent appearance on ESPN morning show “Get Up” on Tuesday.

Rutledge joined the show to discuss the Tagovailoa training video that went viral last week.

“I am told by somebody who was there in the building when this happened that when they began to do this, they threw about 20 passes, and he completed 17 of them,” Rutledge said on the show. “The three misses were by inches. Now remember, Tua Tagovailoa is the most accurate downfield passer since ESPN began tracking that in 2011.”

According to ESPN’s advanced stats, Tagovailoa has completed 55 percent of his passes 20+ yards downfield. That represents the best completion percentage in college football dating back to 2011.

When it comes to Tua’s availability on the field, Rutledge shared that she’s hearing the rookie will be ready to play, whenever the NFL season is set to be played.

“So right off the bat, with him getting back into this more serious activity from an athletic standpoint, he’s already off to a great start,” Rutledge added. “That was very encouraging. That video, that happened from these routes on air, was sent out to NFL teams, offering a lot of reassurance there. The belief continues to be that whenever the NFL season begins next season, he would be able to play. Tua Tagovailoa would be ready by that point, if a team is asking him to play that early.”