Colin Cowherd landed a great guest on Tuesday as former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa joined “The Herd” this week to discuss the latest on his status as the 2020 NFL Draft is quickly approaching.

Tagovailoa also discussed his upbringing, working with former Elite 11 organizer Trent Dilfer all the way from high school to the present day training for the draft, to his college days.

Here’s what Tua offered up when asked to share insight into his relationship with Dilfer.

“Well, I don’t want to give too much of what Trent does away but Trent has been a huge asset for not just me but my family as well,” Tagovailoa shared. “Throughout my college process, he’s always been there, he’s a phone call away and him and my dad have been in communication for a while. I know with this whole draft process from when we kind of reached out to Trent to ask if he could help us, he was more than welcome to that.”

Cowherd also asked Tua if he has any feeling about where he will get drafted in the upcoming draft.

“I don’t, I don’t, that’s the scary thing. I’m not too sure where I’ll be living next year,” Tagovailoa answered. “All the things that I talked to, they’ve all been really really good so it’s tough to tell.”

You can check out the full interview below: