Colin Cowherd is likely going to be on an island on this one.

Have you ever heard the argument that a quarterback should be drafted No. 1 overall as long as you have a backup quarterback that can play for a few games when the starter goes down?

You have now.

That’s what Cowherd was spinning on his latest radio show as the host explained why he would take Tua Tagovailoa No. 1 overall after hearing the news that the former Alabama signal-caller received good news from his latest medical checkup with the 2020 NFL Combine approaching.

“This kid’s a once in a life – have you ever seen his college stats? 22-2 (record), well, that’s Alabama. 87 touchdowns 11 pics, 69% completion rate,” Cowherd said on his show. “He got better every year. Leadership, coachable, I’ve never seen college stats like this. 87 touchdowns and 11 pics? That’s like video game crap, and that’s in the SEC, which easily has the best defenses in college football. I mean it’s the only conference where you got seven NFL guys every Saturday on defense, he ate it alive. He got better every year.”

Cowherd even went a step further, saying that even if he knew Tagovailoa would only be available for 12-13 games a season, he would still take the Alabama quarterback.

“I’d still take him. I think he’s special enough to win 8 or 9 of those 12 or 13 games,” Cowherd said. “So all I need is a competent backup to win one more game, boom! I win my division.”

That’s some twisted logic right there.