Todd McShay recently released the second version of his 2020 NFL mock draft and he’s got Tua Tagovailoa going No. 5 overall to the Miami Dolphins.

That being said, McShay’s not at all confident that he or anyone else will have a firm grasp on Tagovailoa’s health by the time the draft actually arrives.

The health of Tagovailoa is likely to be the biggest storyline heading into the NFL’s next selection process and it’s something that should scare any team that’s considering taking the Alabama quarterback, according to McShay. However, as “frightening” as the idea of taking a player in the top 5 without a clean bill of health may be, the ESPN NFL Draft analyst believes the risk vs. reward nature of Tagovailoa’s potential draft selection is worth it.

During a recent appearance on SportsCenter, McShay was asked how big of a risk it would be for a team to draft Tagovailoa No. 5 overall as his latest mock draft suggests.

“Frightening. I really am. But if I get Tua, who is right (healthwise), and his hip is back (to 100 percent) and he’s got that same twitch — he’s a lefty version of Drew Brees,” McShay said during the show. “But we just aren’t going to know. It’s one of the most unique cases that I’ve ever seen at the quarterback position because you’re not going to know making that decision but how do you pass on him knowing there’s a chance he could become your franchise quarterback and become one of the elite players and lead you to a Super Bowl?”

If you watched the Super Bowl, you know McShay is telling the truth as the biggest football game of the season came down to the quarterback that was able to execute under pressure and the one that could not. That’s life in the NFL, as the teams that possess the best signal-callers are annually in the race to win the Super Bowl while those that don’t are typically sitting out the playoffs.