Tua Tagovailoa’s health situation has dominated the headlines this week, as questions persist about Miami’s handling of the quarterback from an injury standpoint.

The former Alabama star was the subject of a segment on ESPN’s “Sunday Countdown” earlier today, and the crew was clearly bothered by what’s transpired with Tagovailoa and injuries he sustained in the last week against Buffalo and Cincinnati.

Most upset was former NFL head coach Rex Ryan, who didn’t hold back when asked for his thoughts.

“Sometimes as a coach, you know what, you have to protect the player from himself,” Ryan said.” “And I had a simple philosophy as a coach. I treated every one of my players like they were my son. And that’s all you have to do. And I can tell you this. Would you put your son back in that game? Forget this back and ankle BS that we that heard about. This is clearly from head trauma. That’s it. … I know what it looks like. We all know what it looks like.”

Ryan then got even more emotional as he added the following:

“No way in hell I’d put my son back in that game. No way in hell,” he said. “And you know what, no way in hell I’d put somebody else’s son back out there either. This is an epic fail.”

You can see all of Ryan’s comments, as well as reaction from the rest of the crew, in the video below: