Very few college football players are asked to give halftime interviews during ESPN’s coverage of Monday Night Football, but then again, very few players in recent history have been as popular as Tua Tagovailoa.

Taking that into consideration, the health status of Tagovailoa is among the biggest topics in the sport right now. After re-aggravating┬áhis knee sprain against Missouri, Alabama’s starting quarterback did not return to the game after being evaluated by the team’s medical staff from the sideline. Tagovailoa’s parent also left the stands to visit with their son during the game, leading many to further question the severity of the injury.

Alabama fans can rest easy, however, as Tua echoed the sentiments of his head coach on Monday.

“I’m fine. I got to go out to practice today. I’m a lot better, actually, than I was last week after the Arkansas game,” Tagovailoa said during his ESPN appearance Monday night. “It looked bad on the field, I just retweaked it kinda but we got some treatment after the game following this morning, leading up to practice, so I’m much better.”

The Alabama signal caller also touched on what he can improve on moving forward, his progress since arriving in Tuscaloosa and how his outstanding teammates make him look good on the field with an interview with Scott Van Pelt via ESPN: