If this is the consensus among NFL general managers and owners, it’s no surprise that Tua Tagovailoa’s stock is dropping as we inch closer to the 2020 NFL Draft.

The way former NFL GM Mike Tannenbaum sees it, due largely to the fact that teams cannot evaluate Tagovailoa personally before selecting him in the draft, the former Alabama quarterback presents too much risk for a team to select early in the draft.

Here’s what Tannenbaum had to say when asked if he would select Tua in the top 10 of the 2020 NFL Draft during a recent appearance on ESPN show “Get Up” on Friday.

“No way, not in the top 10 I can’t Greenie, not with this injury this year,” Tannenbaum answered. “This is a very complicated injury. You want to have your own doctors, your own experts, examine the hip. You want to see strength – how strong the hip is, you want to see range of motion.

“And when you look at what the top five, top 10 in guaranteed money last year – Devin White had approximately $30 million in guarantees. When you get to halfway in the first round, 16 were Brian Burns was, that money goes about half. So, unless you could actually examine the player, I dealt with this injury, a lot over the last couple of years, it’s complicated. Let’s hope Tua has a great career, but no way am I taking him in the top 10.”

Tannenbaum was then asked if the other quarterback prospects in the draft made his comments on Tagovailoa easier. While the former NFL GM noted that he is a fan of Oregon’s Justin Herbert, Tannenbaum went right back to the fact there’s too much unknown with Tagovailoa medically at this point in the process.

“I think Tua has a chance to be a good player. But everything has to go right for Tua,” Tannenbaum added. “He needs a good offensive line, he doesn’t have the athleticism that Justin Herbert has, and more importantly, you can’t check every box this year with Tua.

“It’s that fundamental. There’s rigor in the process, and without having the full process, you can’t make a complete decision.”