It wasn’t that long ago Tua Tagovailoa appeared to be locked in as the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

That could very well still be the case, depending on if the junior passer decides to leave Alabama after the season and how quickly he recovers from his recent hip surgery. However, now that Tagovailoa just had to undergo his third surgery in a year’s time following an injury on the gridiron, it’s fair to assume NFL teams are going to have their doubts when it comes to Tua’s durability.

That’s something NBC’s Mike Florio discussed during Sunday night’s “Football Night in America” program.

According to Florio, the founder of, NFL general managers have begun to voice their concerns about Tagovailoa’s ability to stay upright.

“I communicated with roughly a dozen NFL general managers today and the first question is going to be, ‘How is the hip? How long will it take to heal? Will he be healthy?’ And even if it heals completely, there are concerns about his durability,” Florio said on the show. “This is his third lower-body injury. Can he sustain the wear and tear that goes with being an NFL quarterback?”

Now that there are concerns about Tagovailoa’s status moving forward, Florio shared two suggestions that came from NFL GMs while discussing Alabama’s talented passer.

“One NFL general manager suggested you could draft him in the first round next year and just don’t play him, like they used to do with first-round quarterbacks before they put them on the field right away,” Florio added. “Another GM suggested that maybe he just decides to stay at Alabama next year and that would throw the first round of next year’s draft into flux.”

It’s an interesting debate and one that’s likely going to be discussed at length heading into the offseason leading up to Tagovailoa’s decision.