If Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa decides to declare for the NFL Draft this offseason, it’s expected that he would be, at worst, a top 5 pick. A hip injury has ruled him out of action since Nov. 16’s game against Mississippi State as he faces a number of months of rehabilitation.

Tagovailoa, though, has left the door open to a potential return to Alabama for his senior season, which would be a huge boon to the Crimson Tide’s national title hopes in 2020, but could see him risking further injury and damage to his draft stock.

“I’m still talking with my parents about it. I’m still not too sure,” Tagovailoa told Tuscaloosa News Crimson Tide beat writer Cecil Hurt in an interview on Tuesday. “A decision could come tomorrow or I could wait and decide on the 20th of January. Whatever God puts in my heart and my parents’ hearts, that will be the right thing.”

Tagovailoa did acknowledge that re-injury potential, but also recognized the possibility of increasing his draft stock even more with another year in school. There are also financial ramifications.

“Let’s say — and I am just picking a number — that I go to the 31st pick. That would be about 9 million dollars,” he said. “That’s a lot of money, an amount of money I’ve never had before, but it’s not high first-round money and you can never make that money up. They say you can (make it up) on your next contract but money lost is money lost to me. Those are the deciding factors.”

More from Tagovailoa on his daily rehab and why he doesn’t regret playing in the Mississippi State game can be found in Hurt’s full article here.