Alabama faced a new scenario against Clemson in the national championship and Tua Tagovailoa admitted that it was difficult to make the adjustment of playing catch up.

The Alabama quarterback shared these thoughts with the SEC Network during SEC Media Days, as he recapped the 44-16 loss to Clemson, and looked ahead to this season. Tagovailoa, who dealt with an ankle injury last season, said he’ll focus on his health more this season, even if he’s not dealing with an injury.

“National championship was probably one of the biggest things that I had to face, you know? No one wants to go back and look a lot of their mistakes,” Tagovailoa said, according to 247 Sports. “Being able to just watch the game and look at all the things that gone wrong and look at the mistakes that I could’ve not made. I (should’ve) taken what they gave me. Last year, we were goal-oriented and looked at the scoreboard too much instead of just playing. But it’s hard. Throughout the entire season, we didn’t have to play catch up. It was a whole new ball game.”

New offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian will give Tagovailoa, and other quarterbacks, the chance to improvise if they don’t like the look of a play at the line of scrimmage.

With a host of top-shelf wide receivers, most notably Jerry Jeudy, Tagovailoa is well aware that it’s difficult to get the ball to every talented pass catcher.

“I think everyone comes to an understanding that they’re not always going to get the ball,” he said. “I think it’s awesome that we have a group of guys that really understand that I’m not going to get the ball, but if I really do my job, another guy can get open and if he does his job, maybe I can get open on another play. Just everyone being on the same page I think correlates to the offense’s success and the teams success.”

The end goal, though, remains the same.

“We’re all looking forward to having another shot at playing in the national championship and hopefully winning one,” he said, “but we’ll just have to see, you know? We’ll have to take it from when camp starts all the way to the end of the season.”