Based on what Rex Ryan recently had to say, there’s little chance the former NFL coach would have draft Tua Tagovailoa based on the information he has on the former Alabama quarterback.

During a recent appearance on ESPN morning show “Get Up,” Ryan called Tagovailoa the “biggest gamble in the history of the NFL Draft” before explaining his concerns regarding the former Crimson Tide signal-caller.

“I look at it this way, I think this is the biggest gamble in the history of the NFL Draft,” Ryan said on the show. “And the reason I say that is your doctors can’t get their hands on him, all that kind of stuff.”

Ryan certainly doesn’t dismiss Tagovailoa as an elite prospect but one thing some draft analysts and fans don’t seem to take into consideration is that availability to play on the field is the No. 1 most desired trait NFL teams look for in prospects.

If you can’t stay on the field, your value goes down significantly in the eyes of many in NFL circles. Ryan then shared that he’s heard Tagovailoa has had more surgeries than has been previously been reported by the media.

“One thing we know this young man is absolutely an amazing quarterback, he’s got everything all the intangibles, leadership. When it’s the brightest, he plays great,” Ryan continued. “So to me, I just think that guy’s an amazing prospect. However, those injuries, if you’re gonna just ignore the injuries; I don’t care how he’s working out right now.

“One thing I know about him, he’s been hurt in college. Everybody knows about the three operations he’s had. Really? Well, I’ve heard he’s had five operations, so if that doesn’t concern you. Now look, I know a lot of people in the NFL, and I’m getting that information, you know from them. So he’s had five surgeries – that’s a major concern.”

In Ryan’s mind, if you only have one first-round pick, NFL teams would be wise to pass on Tagovailoa in the upcoming draft but that makes Miami an ideal fit for the former Alabama quarterback.

“Boy, I tell you what, if I only have one first-round pick, I think it’s too, I think it’s too risky,” Ryan added. “I think if I have multiple picks, like the Dolphins do, they can probably take that gamble and I think they will.”

It’s interesting that Ryan calls out Tagovailoa but then indicates a team with a top 5 selection will likely select the quarterback, although Ryan didn’t indicate which pick he predicts the Dolphins to draft Tua with in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft.