Tua Tagovailoa remains the biggest question mark heading into the 2020 NFL Draft but the coach that’s spent the most time with the former Alabama quarterback recently believes the All-SEC passer is healed up and looking as good as ever on the field.

During a recent appearance on SportsCenter, noted quarterback trainer Trent Dilfer discussed just how far Tagovailoa has come during a short amount of time as the former Alabama quarterback suffered a season-ending hip injury in mid-November.

Even Dilfer was surprised by how far Tagovailoa had come when their recent training sessions began in Nashville.

“He’s had multiple rechecks by professionals saying that the hip his great, the ankle is great, that everything checks out. I can only go off what I know and that’s been around doing the dynamic stuff for the last month,” Dilfer noted. I was blown away.

“The first clip you showed it was our very first day at work, I think it was March 9, that he was cleared to work, and I had a 35-minute script written for him for some basic rudimentary type movement stuff and we have gone an hour and 15 minutes because he was so much further advanced than I thought he could be.”

Dilfer then took things a step further, noting his belief that Tagovailoa is moving around the same if not better than before suffering the tough hip injury.

“He moves as well, if not better, than he did before he got hurt. He is stronger, he’s leaner, he’s quicker. He’s all the things you’re looking for,” Dilfer shared. “Now, I can’t predict how long he’s gonna play, I know a lot of things we talked about over the last few months we’re playing the NFL game not trying to be Superman all the time, not trying to win every single down.

“Getting the ball out of his hand quicker. Utilizing his giftedness which is incredibly quick eyes, seeing the whole field, incredibly quick delivery, the most accurate passer I’ve ever been around. Utilizing that skill set to minimize the hits on the body. But at the end of the day, I don’t know if anybody can predict how long you are going to play.”

You can check out Dilfer’s entire interview with SportsCenter below courtesy of ESPN: