Policing a major college football game on Saturdays in the fall is a major expense.

And according to a report released by SB Nation on Tuesday, the costs of safely putting on an Alabama football game day falls on the shoulders of the city of Tuscaloosa’s tax payers.

The report claims that the city was on the hook for more than $500,000 in 2014 alone for overtime pay to officers, who are charged with providing crowd and traffic control, as well as security in and around Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Using the local police force for game day needs is not anything unusual for major college football programs, but the report contends that the majority of the universities involved pay for the services as a game day expense rather than expecting the local government cover the tab.

For example, the report cites the Baton Rouge Police Department’s $355,320 bill issued to LSU for their services during the 2014 season as proof that big-time football programs can and do pay for the local police services they use on game days.

SB Nation cites a New York Times report that claims the Crimson Tide football program has been responsible for raising approximately $1.7 billion dollars during the last decade and the profitability of each home game to point out the program’s capability of handling that expense with ease if it chose to do so.