Texas went the wrestling route for its hype video ahead of the Alabama game.

“It’s hard to ignore the talk,” the Undertaker said. “But talk is cheap. This game is about action. Close doesn’t cut it. The pain, the agony fuels that fire inside. Has it been easy? Hell no. Will it be worth it? You’re damn right.”

The Undertaker added that you don’t get second chances, “So around here, we live for the moment.”

“The hard work gives you a chance to succeed,” he said. “But that dawg deep inside you knows excellence is exhausting, and better never rests.”

He closes it by saying, “The time has come to lay it all on the line. It’s time to rise up, time to show up, and it’s time to get those Horns up.”

Alabama will play host to Texas on Saturday night, and this will come after Alabama overcame a slew of penalties to win 20-19 on Will Reichard’s field goal with 10 seconds left, and that propelled the Longhorns into the Top 25 even in defeat. The preseason No. 1 Tide, meanwhile, showed vulnerabilities and later lost 2 similarly close games.

This year’s game will be a test for Alabama and new starter Jalen Milroe, while Texas will look to prove itself a year ahead of joining the SEC.