Disgraced Alabama fan Harvey Updyke owes Auburn University quite a bit of money, and it sounds as if he’s way behind on his payments. The Auburn PlainsmanĀ reported on Wednesday that Updyke, who poisoned the famed oaksĀ at Toomer’s Corner in 2010, has paid $99 of the $796,731.98 that he owes in restitution.

The student paper learned from the Elmore County Clerk’s Office that Updyke made one payment of $100, which carried a $1 processing fee, and has made no other payments. In December 2013, Updyke was ordered by the court to pay $500 a month. His lawyer requested that the payment be reduced to $50 per month, but that request was denied. At $50 per month, it would take Updyke a mere 1,327 years to pay off what he owes to Auburn. Updyke served six months in prison for his actions and is in the midst of a five-year probation.

Updyke was in the news recently when he said he would take part in a dunk tank fundraiser in Mobile. The event was canceled when organizers received death threats for Updyke.

Auburn is in the process of overhauling Toomer’s Corner. After removing the poisoned oaks, the university has laid new soil down and plans to plant new trees in early 2015, according to the Plainsman.