The Alabama Crimson Tide rolled to an undefeated season and a national championship in 2020.

In the title game, Alabama mopped the floor with Ohio State, earning a lopsided 52-24 victory. Obviously, there’s still a gap between those 2 elite programs.

So, what can the Buckeyes do to narrow that gap between themselves and the Tide? Urban Meyer recently joined the Big Ten Network and spoke about that (via Buckeyes Wire):

“That’s reality. You take a job like this, you take a job like Ohio State and that’s the expectation and that’s what they’ve done,” Meyer said. “They’re going to enjoy the fact that they beat Clemson, but this is also the harsh reality of the Big Ten’s got to get going again. I used the word the ‘chase’ in 2012. Our conference was very average. The Big Ten Conference was not great. And then people started recruiting and pushing and started going, and the reality is the best team in the Big Ten got beat by Alabama soundly. That’s OK. Ohio State’s recruiting at a level, they’ll be back here.

“I think it’s a challenge for everyone else in this conference to get going. I mean, the whole country saw this. And that’s not just the Big Ten — that’s the Pac-12 and the Big 12 as well. The reality is Alabama’s on a different stratosphere right now. Go catch ’em. The one school that’s recruiting at that level is Coach Day and Ohio State. So I think that this is a standup call for everybody. I can tell you there’s coaches across the country — are seeing that team that just played … saying, ‘We have to go get them.’”

Alabama put together the No. 1 recruiting class during the 2021 cycle. Ohio State was right behind at No. 2.

Can the Buckeyes get over the hump in 2021? Or, will Alabama’s dominance continue?