The Citrus Bowl isn’t where Alabama or Michigan wanted to be when they kicked off their 2019 seasons.

However, that’s where both teams ended up, and now it’ll be a battle to see which team ends the year on a good note. But, which team does the game mean more for?

On Saturday, FOX analyst Urban Meyer said he thinks Alabama has more to play for to raise its end of the year standing:

“I’m going with Alabama, because it just doesn’t look right when (you look at the rankings) and see Alabama at No. 13,” Meyer said. “At Ohio State, for the 7 years we were there, there we a couple times we got caught outside the top 10 and I’m telling you, you’re not sure the sun’s going to come up the next day in Columbus. In Tuscaloosa, this is uncharted waters. You lose this game and you finish No. 18 or something like that – they’ll be fine, they have a great recruiting class – but I can just imagine Nick Saban and that coaching staff. They have to win this game.”

Indeed, Saban and his staff will want to have a chance to finish the year in the top 10 and not in the high teens, so we’ll see who wins on Jan. 1 at 1 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.