FOX Sports analyst Urban Meyer has a unique perspective to share on the hip injury suffered by Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa.

While much attention went to Tagovailoa as he was carted off the field against Mississippi State on Saturday, Meyer said he went to Alabama coach Nick Saban.

“I was just staring at Coach Saban’s face and he was hurting,” Meyer said on FOX and added that Tagovailoa is an incredible warrior, player and teammate. “We’re all hurting for a kid like that. That’s the worst thing about this sport is injury and having to deal with it.”

Meyer said Saban, and any coach, sees it as his obligation to get the team ready especially for a game against Auburn and potential SEC Championship.

“He made the comment about the two-minute drill, I certainly understand that,” Meyer said. “Is it the right thing or the wrong thing, that’s his decision to make with the player involved.”

Meyer then shared a story about Tim Tebow, and after he was knocked out in a game at Kentucky, and Florida had a bye week. Meyer said he made a decision after a bye week “well ahead” to not play him against LSU in a game between top three teams.

“I mean a big-time game at night at LSU, and he gets cleared,” Meyer said. “I said, ‘Tim, I’m not going to play you. On Thursday, him and his father come to my house, and say, I mean like angrily, ‘What gives you the right to not play me.’ I said, ‘Tim, I’m the head coach, I’m not playing you.’ He said, ‘The doctors, the professionals have allowed me to play, I’m going to play. We got into it a little bit. I ended up playing him just because he was that adamant.”