Frustrated with Alabama’s 21-17 road loss to Ole Miss on Saturday, one Tide fan took to YouTube to denounce her fandom.

The colorful character announced she’s tired of hearing “Roll Tide” and that she’d throw out all her Alabama attire when she got home. She then pledges her allegiance to Mississippi State, punctuating the video with a “Hail State!”

So much for “if you can’t beat them, join them” — Alabama lost to Ole Miss, not Mississippi State.

I’m going to speculate that this “NuNu” (NewNew? NooNoo? NeuNeu? KnewKnew?) isn’t an Alabama fan, or even a football fan at all. She’s recording in the mall. And what self-respecting fan switches allegiances due to the result of a single game?

She doesn’t seem particularly upset. More annoyed at hearing “Roll Tide,” which to Bama fans should be more soothing than anything.

And the least the phone-wielding director could’ve done? Learn how to use landscape mode.