Nick Saban didn’t face any tough questions regarding Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones in the main media room. He did, however, face it in the smaller radio room, which he answered.

Following Saban’s visit to the big room, Finebaum said on the SEC Network, “Nick Saban owns the media.”

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So, Finebaum made sure that when Saban hopped on the news desk for an interview, he would question him about it. And question him he did, in an explosive exchange.

Finebaum later said he was struck by Saban’s anger on the issue, and not just the anger you see in the video above. That was “tame” compared to what Saban said off the air, according to Finebaum.

Finebaum added that if everyone at home saw video of what Saban said after the interview when the cameras weren’t rolling, it would go viral with “14 million” views. He made sure to note that Saban’s ire wasn’t directed at those on the set, rather it was more about the system and how he feels his players were treated.