New England is still riding high following its epic comeback in Super Bowl LI. Down 28-3 in the second half, the Patriots came back in arguably the most impressive comeback in football history to win by a 34-28 margin in overtime.

The team was recently given its Super Bowl rings, which of course average 283 diamonds per ring, during a team ceremony. Before the players were handed their finger trophies, New England owner Robert Kraft took a moment to thank the team and honor their incredible achievement.

During his speech, Kraft even handed out a new nickname for former Alabama linebacker and Super Bowl hero Dont’a Hightower. According to Kraft, the New England defender is now known as ‘the stripper’ after he forced Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan to fumble. The fumble led to a Patriots touchdown, which cut the Falcons’ lead and made the Super Bowl a one-possession game. It was a critical moment of the comeback, and apparently, worth handing out a new nickname.