You know how places like Drudge Report and other online media outlets love to post video of your fellow citizens racing each other to grab a $4 DVD player at Walmart on Black Friday each year?

Well, the SEC football equivalent is Alabama fan day where fans clamor over each other to race and get Nick Saban’s autograph.

The great news is we have video of this annual event!

Here’s a close up video of the event from last year provided by

For some folks, this isn’t just a one-day-a-year affair. It requires discipline and training year round.

In my mind, the only thing that would make this event better is if one lucky fan received the honor to fire a starting gun to release the mob similar to how the Daytona 500 has a celebrity guest honorary starter each year… LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, YOU MAY NOW APPROACH COACH SABAN!!!

Seriously think about this event… why do they make these fans sprint across the field? Because it’s hysterical, that’s why. Officials could easily just have a simple line form where fans wait in line for an autograph table, but that’d be incredibly boring. Having fans sprint across the field at Bryant-Denny might be the best thing in the south each August.

Feel free to be uncensored in your comments below. We believe this is one case where we can all come to gather and make fun of some Alabama fans.