Deandre Baker was one of the best defensive backs in the SEC and country last season. But now he’s a rookie for the New York Giants going up against the likes of former Alabama star WR Amari Cooper for the Dallas Cowboys.

Cooper put the Cowboys up 21-7 at halftime of the game as he caught a 21-pass from former Mississippi State star QB Dak Prescott, and beat Baker in the back corner of the end zone late in the first half.

Baker is likely set to be a great player for the Giants, who drafted him with the 30th pick overall of the 2019 NFL Draft. Baker started all 13 games for Georgia last season, with 40 total stops, two interceptions, a team high and 10 pass breakups, also a team high. But going up against Cooper is tough for any cornerback. By halftime, Cooper had 5 catches for 61 yards on 7 targets.

Cooper is in his sixth season in the NFL after he moved from the Oakland Raiders to Dallas last season. That TD catch was his 26th touchdown as an NFL player.