Last week, FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless said perhaps the stupidest thing about Nick Saban, agreeing with an anonymous coach that the Alabama legend was overrated.

However, Bayless didn’t hold the title for long, as Colin Cowherd topped him on Tuesday, saying Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s resume might be better than Saban’s.

As you can see in the clip below, Cowherd lists all of Harbaugh’s accomplishments and says he thinks the Michigan coach may have a much better resume than Saban:

“I’m shocked at the number of people, especially on social media, who are anti-Jim Harbaugh,” he said. “He overachieved as a player, turned around San Diego in two years. Stanford was 0-12. Three years later, as a 40-point (under)dog, he beat Pete Carroll and the (USC) Trojans in the Coliseum. He goes to San Francisco, replaces Mike Singletary’s mess and immediately wins games and gets to the NFC Championship Game, I think a couple of times, then goes to the Super Bowl.

“Then, no question, takes over for Brady Hoke and improves immediately. I don’t get the doubters. … I can make an argument that Harbaugh’s resume is far more impressive than Nick Saban’s. Nick Saban didn’t turn Michigan State around — he was winning like seven games there. Even his fourth year at LSU, he lost four games. He went to Miami and got run out of the NFL.”

In addition to ignoring the fact that Saban has won six titles as a coach — one at LSU and five at Alabama — and Harbaugh has won zero, this also ignores that Harbaugh was basically run out of the NFL, too, for having a personality that was reportedly hard to deal with.

That marks two FOX Sports hosts having two awful opinions about Saban the past two weeks. We can’t wait to see what next week brings.