Colin Cowherd is a regular critic of the SEC, especially outside Alabama, but this time, he went on a rant about Alabama.

The Fox Sports radio host said that the Crimson Tide would be tested for the first time in two weeks when they play at Auburn.

“Alabama will face their first real road test of the year at Auburn,” Cowherd said. “That line has gone from 10 to three. Alabama’s going to lose that football game, they’re missing four starters at linebacker alone. Out for the year with injuries. You can run on Alabama now.”

Perhaps Cowherd referred to Mississippi State collecting 172 rushing yards on Saturday on 49 attempts, including three touchdowns, the first time an opponent has rushed for three scores against Alabama under Nick Saban. The Crimson Tide needed a touchdown with 25 seconds remaining to pull out the win in Starkville. It was tied at halftime, and the Bulldogs led after three quarters.

“But it just cracks me that Alabama is unbeatable,” Cowherd continued “They struggled against 7-3 average Mississippi State because it wasn’t at home. It’s different in the NFL, man, you’re dealing with grownups. You’re not dealing with kids.”

Cowherd went on to explain that Alabama’s success is at least in part because of the way Nick Saban schedules.

“Stop trying to convince me that Alabama’s unbeatable, no Alabama’s smart,” Cowherd said. “Nick Saban’s a genius. He plays a tough out-of-conference game to sell the committee neutral field. Then Alabama always brings more fans so it’s a semi-home game. Then they have the bye right before LSU or Auburn ever year. And then they play Mercer three times. You ever notice Nick Saban in bowl games where he doesn’t have home games is 11-9? I’m not saying they’re not great, I’m saying give this stuff context.”