Many believe Nick Saban would like another crack at the NFL, but where would he fit in today’s league landscape?

Colin Cowherd doesn’t have to think too hard about that.

During a segment on his radio show Wednesday, Cowherd explained why he feels like the Cleveland Browns are an “obvious” fit for the coach that has turned Alabama into one of college football’s greatest dynasties.

Cowherd believes Saban’s personality and coaching style would be a good match for the Browns, who have young talent, numerous draft picks and are well under the salary cap. He also argued that Saban’s familiarity with the young players and his Midwestern roots would allow him to thrive in a division that Cowherd believes is up for grabs in the coming years.

Cowherd doesn’t see many other good landing spots for Saban, and he shot down destinations like Green Bay, Dallas or the New York Jets for various reasons.

This is all pure speculation, of course. Saban seems perfectly happy at Alabama and has given no outward indications that he wants to coach in the NFL again, but that doesn’t stop people like Cowherd from imagining the possibilities.