When you see the name “Danny Kanell” on our website, it’s usually because he’s said something controversial to troll the SEC.

However, on Monday, he did something surprising, coming to Nick Saban’s defense after an anonymous coach called the Alabama coach “overrated” and called him out for supposedly cheating.

As you can see in the video below, Kanell credits Saban for being one of the greatest recruiters and coaches in college football history:

“I see where he’s trying to go with that, because they do have a significant advantage,” Kanell starts. “They have better players on the field every single time they take the field, except for maybe one or two. But the thing that makes Nick Saban great is that, yes, he is one of the best recruiters we’ve ever seen, but he also develops that talent and coaches that talent better than anybody.

“He gets players to buy into his system, to buy into what they’re doing.”

Indeed, Alabama gets great players, but it’s not like that has always been the case. Saban gets so many 5-star recruits because of his tireless recruiting and the track record of success he’s created in Tuscaloosa. Kanell knows greatness when he sees it.