As we head toward what could be a third-straight championship game between Clemson and Alabama, it’s fair to wonder if the gap between the nation’s top programs and the rest of the teams is widening.

As the coach of one of those dominant teams, Nick Saban was asked about parity in college football during his Wednesday press conference.

Saban has spoken on this topic before, but on Wednesday, he said maybe it’s time for there to be different governing bodies for FBS, FCS and other teams, as you can see in the video below:

“We won’t change the schedule and play better teams because everybody’s got to win six games to go to a bowl game,” he said. “So why can’t we do like the basketball tournament and just rank the teams and pick the best teams to go to the bowl games? Then, strength of schedule would really mean something. Then we could play 10 teams in the SEC and two other BCS Power 5 teams and fans would have great games to go to.”

Saban’s idea is a great one, but the way the college football postseason works is unlikely to change anytime soon.

However, if it does eventually happen, it would likely be a better system for those top programs in the Power 5 schools.