Nick Saban is 66 years old and has accomplished nearly everything there is to accomplish as a college football coach.

However, he still hasn’t said much about his future plans — specifically, when he plans to hang up his whistle and retire.

On Mike Greenberg’s “I’m Interested” podcast this week, SEC Network host Paul Finebaum said he thinks Saban could decided to retire sooner than most people think:

“I always thought there was a chance he might get back in the NFL and certainly the Giants rumors were out there,” Finebaum says. “I think there was a modicum of truth there. I don’t think that’s any longer in his plans. I do believe, though, it will end sooner than everyone believes. Alabama gave him a new deal a couple weeks ago just to shut the rumors up, but they will not go away.”

If Alabama wins another title or two the next couple of years, will Saban decide to call it quits? Finebaum is right, though — the rumors won’t go away.