During his Monday media availability, Alabama offensive lineman Ross Pierschbacher says that quarterback Jalen Hurts recently treated the entire OL to dinner.

Playing the OL is often a thankless job. The OL gets the task of clearing the way for the RB and QB and are often overlooked by many fans. For the Alabama OL, at least one person has appreciated their hard work.

Alabama beat writer Alex Byington shared a video of Pierschbacher’s story on Twitter:

“He asked us to go out, and we definitely took advantage of that,” said Pierschbacher. “We all got appetizers and whatnot and enjoyed ourselves, so it was fun.”

When asked about the final cost, Pierschbacher claimed he never saw the bill.

“I didn’t see the final, how much it was,” explained Pierschbacher. “I wouldn’t want to see it, I guess. I know I wouldn’t want to be paying for that.”

Hurts has definitely shown he appreciates the work of his OL. Pierschbacher jokingly claimed he would remember the meal when blocking for Hurts.

“I’ll keep that in the back of my mind,” said Pierschbacher.

Pierschbacher is entering his junior season where he will be starting at LG. He has 30 career starts to his credit, including starting all 15 games in 2016.