Halfway through the 2018 college football season, Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa has to be considered the Heisman Trophy frontrunner.

Tagovailoa has thrown 18 touchdowns to zero interceptions and has yet to play in a fourth quarter as the Tide have cruised to a 6-0 record.

On Wednesday morning’s episode of “Undisputed” on FOX Sports 1, co-host Shannon Sharpe said he thinks the competition is over and the Heisman is Tagovailoa’s to lose:

“We’ve never seen a Nick Saban guy play like this,” he said. “Tua has 7 fewer TDs than incompletions. Haskins has 97 more pass attempts, and only seven more touchdowns.┬áTua is going to be in the clubhouse with 30 TDs and 0 INTs at the end of the year. How are you not going to give it to him, averaging 50 a game?”

Tagovailoa has another great opportunity to pad his stats this weekend against a struggling Mizzou pass defense.

We’ll see what people are saying about his Heisman chances this time next week.