There are several theories floating about on the reason why the SEC isn’t as strong as it once was during the streak of seven straight national championships.

Former Florida quarterback and SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow offered his opinion during a stop in Tuscaloosa as the pregame show “SEC Nation” will air there prior to the Tennessee-Alabama game on Saturday. Tebow talked with reporters and a video of the exchange was posted to Twitter by Alex Byington of the Times Daily.

“Some teams are down, I still think it’s a really good conference for college football,” Tebow said. “I think the biggest difference what I see now from what I felt like 10 years ago and even five years ago, they don’t win as much at the line of scrimmage. There’s more parity in college football. I think when you look in the 2000s, the best line of scrimmage, specifically defense, but offense as well, was in the SEC. Now, I think you’re getting more teams, especially not Power 5 teams that can compete, not necessarily win, but compete at the line of scrimmage. I think that’s also one reason you’re seeing more upsets.”

Being in Alabama, Tebow was asked about the development of second-year Crimson Tide quarterback Jalen Hurts.

“I think he’s a different player,” Tebow said. “He was always effective, he was always smart with the football, but I think now he’s able to hit those plays to put a dagger in a defense. It’s going to happen from year one to year two. I think he’s improved as a passer. I think his patience has improved, his understanding of what the defense is trying to do against him, and at the same time, I think he’s very athletic.”