The injury that may have harmed Tua Tagovailoa’s Heisman Trophy chances is also hindering him as he tries to navigate the fanfare that comes with the award ceremony.

After undergoing surgery to mend a high ankle sprain earlier this week, Alabama’s quarterback is using a scooter to get around his various media obligations in New York City ahead of Saturday’s Heisman Trophy presentation. Below is a brief clip of Tagovailoa rolling through a packed crowd, which was tweeted by Simone Eli of CBS 42 in Alabama.

As you can see, Tagovailoa is still able to put a bit of weight on his booted left ankle, though he’s taking as little risk as possible by using the scooter.

Tagovailoa suffered the injury against Georgia in last week’s SEC Championship Game. His struggles in that contest opened the door for Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray to close the gap in the Heisman race over the final week leading up to the presentation.

If Tagovailoa does hang on to win the prized trophy, he may have to use his scooter to get up on stage for his acceptance speech.