There have been plenty opinions shared about the early-season performance by Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa, but before Saturday’s game, his father offered his thoughts.

“I think he did all right,” Galu Tagovailoa said of his son’s play in the Louisville game in an interview with Simone Eli of CBS 42. “We talked after the game and he told me he should have done better. But it’s the first game, they’ve got many more things to come.”

The father praised the Alabama coaching staff, including quarterbacks coach Dan Enos, offensive coordinator Mike Locksley and head coach Nick Saban.

“I’ve seen him get better from day one since he’s been here,” the elder Tagovailoa said. “It’s nice to have Coach Enos, quarterback coach for them, they’ve learned a lot from him, and then what they’re going through with their OC, Coach Locksley calling a great game, and I like how they’re mixing in a lot of players to get them playing time, so it’s been really good.”

The father dismissed any notion of his son being a contender for the Heisman Trophy as “crazy.”

“I can’t see that right now,” he said. “He’s only played one game, and half of a championship game, but it’s nice, it’s good to hear things like that, but not right now. I can’t see my son being the Heisman (winner), it’s all about the team. He needs to think about the team and what they need to do at Alabama, and then think about that later down the line.”

While the father has seen his son grow up quickly from a high school kid to a man, he said, there are still things to improve on.

“Consistency,” he said. “Being consistent, be a team player, be a leader out there, and pray for his guys, pray for Coach Saban and the coaching staff.”

Alabama returns to action this week at Ole Miss, a 6 p.m. local time kickoff on ESPN.