A new bodycam video of a Tuscaloosa Police officer removing an Alabama fan smoking in Bryant-Denny Stadium offers a new angle to the incident that happened during the LSU game this year.

“You got to put that out, you can’t smoke in the stadium,” the officer said, according to the video obtained by NBC affiliate WVTM-13.

After the woman, who shortly after the incident was identified as Sherree Brush, waved a cigarette toward the officer, he replied, “Come with me”  as she screamed and fell to the concrete. “Stand up, stand up, stand up. Look, I’m not going to fight you, so you can stand up and walk out with me on your own, OK? Are you coming?”

The officer then requests backup.

Brush was eventually placed in handcuffed and pulled out of the stadium. About two weeks ago, she told her side of the story in an interview with Rick Karle of WBRC. Brush described the incident, which happened during the 24-10 Alabama win over LSU last week.

“I was sitting there on the 40-yard line smoking a cigarette and this cop says, ‘Ma’am, you can’t smoke in here!,’ she said. “And I held my cigarette up for him to take from me because I was horrified, and he snatches me — if you’ve seen the video — he grabs me by the wrist. And by the way, I have severe Neuropathy, and he’s screaming at me to stand up. With me telling him I can’t stand up. And telling him I have Neuropathy. And he yanks me up by the seat, and drags me out.”

Asked if she knew about the stadium’s no smoking policy, Brush replied, “Didn’t know. There were people around me smoking.”

In a Facebook post about the interview, Karle wrote that Brush told him she was not taunting the officer, but held the cigarette up for him to take.

The officer this week was cleared of any wrongdoing in the incident by Tuscaloosa Police.