Alabama fans are between a rock and a hard place in the next few weeks. The Crimson Tide faithful are facing the possibility of a national championship scenario of LSU against Clemson. Who would they root for, or more accurately, more passionately against?

ESPN college football analyst and SEC Network host Paul Finebaum answered that question during his regular weekly appearance on WJOX in Birmingham, during a segment on “The Roundtable.”

“That may be the most painful question of them all,” Finebaum said. “I frankly think they’d almost rather see LSU win than Clemson. Because by Clemson winning, Lance, it suddenly means that Clemson has outperformed Alabama lately. … I still think Alabama fans, based on what I hear, they’re not as concerned about LSU as they are Clemson. They feel like they may have been a one-off … ”

Finebaum shared that ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, and Alabama fans in general, believe that the Crimson Tide will be back in the Playoff next year. Finebaum relayed the opinion that Alabama fans feel confident at quarterback in either Mac Jones, or incoming recruit Bryce Young to be the next QB to lead the program to championship success.

One of the co-hosts, Lance Taylor, shared that Alabama fans want to see LSU passing game coordinator Joe Brady have this kind of success without Joe Burrow at quarterback. So there is a healthy amount of skepticism among the Crimson Tide fans.

“I think they can live with LSU winning,” Finebaum said. “I frankly believe that Alabama fans would rather see LSU win, as crazy as that sounds, than Auburn or Georgia. Georgia is the team that I think they’ve really been concerned about because Kirby has been such a nemesis in terms of recruiting and now I think they’re exhaling even on that one.”