Alabama has rolled through the first five weeks of the season. But eventually, the Crimson Tide may have to play a close game.

At this point, it doesn’t seem plausible to picture that happening. But during an appearance on “Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly,” former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy thinks the Tide will play a challenging game at some point this year.

“Who knows when it’s going to be, but there’s going to be a game when they don’t have their ‘A’ game, the defense doesn’t play real well and they’re going to have to scrap for a win,” McElroy told Mattingly. “It’s going to happen, whether it’s now or in the national championship setting, it’s going to happen. You don’t just run the gauntlet and beat everyone by 30. So they’re going to be tested and challenged at some point, it’s just a matter of when.

“And it’s a matter of how they’re going to respond to the circumstance, you don’t really know what you have until you’re in that situation. But certainly all signs point to them winning pretty comfortably against most of the teams on their schedule.”

None of the five teams that Alabama has played are currently ranked. But the Crimson Tide have matchups against No. 5 LSU and No. 8 Auburn coming before the end of the season.

And not only that, but they’ll certainly face some tough opponents if they again make it to the College Football Playoff.

This week, Alabama travels to play Arkansas. The Crimson Tide and Razorbacks are set to kick off at Noon ET on Saturday.