Will Anderson told reporters Tuesday that he finds it disrespectful that opposing fans and opposing players even show up when he’s on the field. Why bother? Alabama is winning anyway.

That’s his mindset. But he took it a step further Tuesday. He said Alabama’s goal is for opposing fans to leave the stadium before the third quarter.

“We want fans to leave their own stadiums,” Anderson said, via Tuscaloosanews.com. “I think the message this week is we want fans to leave their own stadiums. We’re going to try to preach that all week. Go out there and have fun, do your job, make sure the fans are leaving by the time halftime comes. At least by the end of the third quarter.”

And that’s happened a lot this season. Alabama has outscored opponents 193-29, with Texas having scored more than half that in Week 2.

That Texas game was unacceptable to Alabama, and we’re sure Anderson as well.