Since it was just announced this week, the fallout of the immediate one-time transfer rule across college sports is still being worked out. But coaches like Alabama’s Nick Saban have already developed a strategy for how they will use the rule.

Saban was asked on Thursday if it would change how he manages his roster with high school prospects in recruiting.

“We have thought about a strategy that we’ll use,” Saban said. “Now that it is a rule, we’re gonna adapt to it and make it an advantage for us. I think what’s gonna happen, as you seen happen in a lot of leagues, the good players go to a good team and the bad players leave good teams because they’re not playing. Is that gonna make the rich get richer? I don’t know, you can decide that. We will only look for transfers that are going to help our team be better. So that means we have to have a need for them. They have to be better than the guys we have in the program right now at their position. So we’ll be selective in how we choose guys.”

Saban said it won’t change Alabama’s philosophy on recruiting players to develop in the program. Saban believes Alabama’s career development, academics and graduation structures will keep the program in a good position.

“If we save spots to be able to do this, then what happens with the guys that leave your program,” Saban said. “You just replace them with guys from other programs. I don’t think we’re going to have the best players on our team want to leave Alabama. We do a great job here of helping players develop, be more successful in life. Lots of player development. Most guys who’ve left here call back 100 times wanting to come back.”