Some would say that Jalen Hurts’ national championship experience was awful. Watching a true freshman quarterback come in and possibly steal his job with a pass for the ages was obviously a tough pill to swallow.

But as tough as that was, Hurts’ supportive attitude after Tua Tagovailoa replaced him was definitely inspiring. It turns out that it inspired one of college basketball’s best coaches.

Villanova coach Jay Wright explained during his NCAA Tournament press conference on Friday that he used the story of Hurts’ unselfishness as a teaching moment.

Here was Wright’s entire quote (via Tide Sports):

“I love college football,” Wright said. “Big East, we don’t have it Therefore, I love watching the SEC and our guys watch those games. So during football season, I’ll always say who watched the Alabama-Auburn game. Most of them do, so I use examples.

“Alabama being the program they are, national championship game, we talked about the unselfishness of (Jalen Hurts). … When they made the change at halftime, you can tell if a guy is faking it or if he really gets the fact that he’s part of something bigger than himself. When a guy that talented and has had that much success, he’s been a championship quarterback, can genuinely root for his backup to win the game, then that’s a real program that has great players. Sometimes the walk-ons can be proud of being something bigger than themselves, but when the best players do that, that’s a sign of a true selfless program, and that was the analogy I used for that game.”

Wright and the top-seeded Wildcats will of course take on Alabama in the second round of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday.

He didn’t exactly give the Tide bulletin board material by complimenting one of the university’s biggest stars.