Oh baby. The coaching carousel has started up once again in Fayetteville.

Razorbacks fans are outraged with the beginning of the 2017 season and Bret Bielema’s 27-29 record while at Arkansas, including 10-24 in the SEC. It’s not like the road gets any easier.

Arkansas travels down to Alabama to take on the Crimson Tide in Week 7. After that road trip, the Razorbacks head back home to face the improving Auburn Tigers. Arkansas will likely finish this stretch 0-2 and head to Mississippi to take on the Ole Miss Rebels with a 2-5 record.

Even if the Razorbacks fail to make a bowl this season, it is very unlikely Bielema is dismissed because of the large buyout clause in his contract. Still, Arkansas fanatics can have their fantasies about potential new coaches.

Jeff Long was able to snatch up Bielema from Wisconsin in a move almost no one saw coming. Maybe he has another trick or two up his sleeve.

Here are 10 crazy hires Arkansas fans would like to replace Bielema with:

10. Chris Petersen – Washington HC

Fans initially thought Petersen was going to be the next coach at Arkansas after the John L. Smith disaster. There were rumors that an Arkansas plane landed in Idaho at the end of the 2012 season. Alas, the speculation never advanced beyond the rumor.

Petersen has dominated in his career with a 125-26 record as a head coach. Since 2006, he’s never had a losing season. He finished undefeated twice at Boise State and took Washington to the College Football Playoff last season.

There is no doubt he can coach, but at least spell his name right Tyler.

9. Mike Gundy – Oklahoma State HC

Gundy would still be able to recruit Texas and Oklahoma relatively easily. His high-octane offense would be welcomed with open arms from supporters.

He wouldn’t be looked at by high school players as the second fiddle in the state, either.

Oklahoma has more tradition and relevance in most players’ minds than Oklahoma State. Arkansas doesn’t have that problem. Almost the whole state bleeds Razorback red.

Gavin, one of Gundy’s sons, actually attends the University of Arkansas. He needs to urge his dad to throw on a hog hat, which will enhance his luscious locks.

8. Charlie Strong – South Florida HC

Strong didn’t work out at Texas, but could find success as the “Head Hog.” His coaching prowess is evident with past success at Louisville and now South Florida. The Cardinals went to a Sugar Bowl and Teddy Bridgewater became a great quarterback under his guidance. For the most part, his defenses are strong as well.

South Florida has started strong this season with a 5-0 record in his first season there. The Bulls have notable games coming up against Cincinnati, Houston and UCF. Finishing the season undefeated would have fans wishing Strong would head back to his birth state.

7. Mike Leach – Washington State HC

It would be a hard sell to poach him from Washington State with the traction he’s gaining. Despite this, Arkansas wouldn’t be a bad place for Mike Leach. He has solid recruiting ties in Texas that would benefit him if he returned to the South.

The fans expect to win, but not to the level of an Alabama or Ohio State. Typically, winning eight or nine games with an upset victory keeps them happy. That is a medium where Leach has thrived over the years. Fans will also love to see the spread offense again, just like the Bobby Petrino days.

6. Gary Patterson – TCU HC

Patterson has been a TCU staple for quite some time and led the Horned Frogs to green pastures. His squad has finished in the Associated Press Top 25 numerous times and won nine bowl games since he took over in 2000. He won AP coach of the year in 2009 and has coached six All-Americans while in Fort Worth.

Razorbacks fans were not enthralled to watch his team crush Arkansas, but they could envision him taking over. His system and culture would sell tickets for sure, but the 57-year-old isn’t leaving Texas anytime soon.

5. Bob Stoops – Oklahoma assistant to AD

If Arkansas could wrangle Stoops out of retirement, it would be a huge win. “Big Game Bob” had a career 190-48 record at Oklahoma and made a bowl game every year. The Sooners won the 2000 national championship under his watch and played for the title in 2005 and 2008.

In 2015, Stoops guided his team to a College Football Playoff appearance.He’s good on both sides of the ball and a great recruiter. From 2001-2016, Oklahoma didn’t finish outside the top 20 in team recruiting rankings.

Long won’t be able to convince him. According to ESPN, he isn’t looking to coach anytime soon.

“You won’t see me on a college sideline or a pro sideline,” Stoops said. “That isn’t at all what I’m looking to do.”

4. Les Miles – Fox Sports

Yes, several fans have actually clamored for the “Mad Hatter” to suit up in red and white. Can you imagine? Fake field goals and abysmal clock management.

The offense would stall, but the defense might improve. Miles has a talent in recruiting, so a few more relevant recruits would make their way to Fayetteville. One thing is for sure: press conferences would be just as entertaining if Miles filled the role.

3. Chip Kelly – ESPN

Kelly failed in the NFL, but he was an excellent college coach. His four years at Oregon included two Rose Bowls, a Fiesta Bowl, and a national championship game appearance. He also won at least 10 games every year, which is very impressive.

He’s hard to work with at times and not great with boosters. Still, the guy is an offensive genius and could spark program excitement immediately.

2. Jon Gruden – ESPN

Jon Gruden’s name has been tossed around SEC programs for what seems like a decade. Why would he leave ESPN? He hasn’t coached football since 2008, never been a head coach in the collegiate ranks and makes a reported $6.5 million per year at ESPN.

Fanbases want him for his name more than anything. Seeing him on Monday Night Football makes him visually appealing. If he were to accept the Arkansas job if a spot opened up, there’s no doubt his polarizing image would draw interest from high school players across the country.

According to ESPN’s Paul FinebaumGruden will be Tennessee’s top target. Looks like Arkansas has some competition.

1. Bobby Petrino – Louisville HC

Can you imagine if this actually happened? It would be the most Arkansas thing ever. The only way it would occur is if Jeff Long was fired along with Bielema. Long would never re-hire the former coach that lied to his face.

In spite of his blatant mistake, many fans would love to see Petrino back in charge. What’s the old saying? Winning cures all. Petrino’s past shenanigans would be overlooked by fans if he brought Arkansas back into national prominence.