It’s been a tough year for Arkansas football fans.

First, there was the debacle against Auburn that saw a botched ball spike by Bo Nix ruled an incomplete pass, allowing the Tigers to kick what would be a game-winning field goal. Then, on Saturday against LSU, a targeting call against defender Jalen Catalon was upheld, although replays clearly showed that he was nowhere near making helmet-to-helmet with an opposing ballcarrier.

The resulting foul placed LSU in great field position, with the Tigers scoring an eventual game-winning touchdown to come away with a win.

You could make the argument that Sam Pittman’s team should be at 5-3 instead of 3-5 right now. So, it’s probably a given that Razorbacks were still in a bad mood on Monday. And they took out their frustrations on social media, specifically the @SECOfficiaing account.

Here’s a tweet from Friday:

Despite it being before the Arkansas-LSU game on Saturday, the responses came pouring in:

Unfortunately, the Razorbacks won’t play this Saturday as positive COVID tests have meant that their game at Missouri will be postponed. But it’s clear there’s plenty of frustration among their fanbase that won’t go away any time soon.