Arkansas Athletics Director Hunter Yurachek is trying to move on from the controversial and disappointing ending to the Auburn game on Saturday.

With the Razorbacks up 28-27, Auburn QB Bo Nix attempted to spike the ball and stop the clock on third-and-1 at the Arkansas 20, but bobbled the snap. Nix appeared to spike it backward, which would have resulted in a fumble, and about that time, a whistle blew, however, Arkansas appeared to recover the apparent fumble.

Yurachek released a statement on Twitter Sunday morning, and said that he spoke with staff at the SEC office, and he received an explanation consistent with what was outlined in the statement released late Saturday night.

“I expressed my disagreement and disappointment with the final decision,” Yurachek said. “However, there is no further action to be taken and we will turn our attention to the Ole Miss game on Saturday.”