Arkansas coach Bret Bielema would like to see more of a change in cross-conference games.

Bielema has already faced Florida once during his debut season and will face the Gators again in Week 10. The Razorbacks will also play against annual crossover rival Missouri on the road in Week 14 for their only two games against SEC East opponents.

Bielema said he doesn’t understand why the matchups become so repetitive, especially with only one set annual opponent from the opposing division.

“With that one crossover, I don’t understand why you don’t just go rotate through the other six opponents and make it consistent,” Bielema told

Bielema didn’t imply that he wanted to add another conference game, however. “Uh, no. I’m quite good where we’re at,” he said.

Arkansas has faced Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri during the coach’s tenure. Perhaps a change in format would provide more interesting matchups, rather than the same thing repeated.