Arkansas coach Chad Morris spent the 2011 to 2014 seasons at Clemson as an offensive coordinator, and was a big reason why star QB Deshaun Watson ended up joining Dabo Swinney’s program.

So, it’s safe to say Morris was happy when his former boss laid an epic beatdown on Alabama in Monday night’s title game.

As you can see in the video below, Morris congratulated his old team on its continued success and added that he hopes to turn Arkansas into a similar program:

“Being with Dabo for as long as I was and watching him build the culture and the vision he has for that program and the way that he had recruited there and the way we recruited there, it’s a testament to Dabo and to that staff and to those players,” he said. “That was an incredible event, watching that program excel in the fashion it has.”

Morris goes on to talk about bringing some of the same ideals that are in place at Clemson to Arkansas. He helped to turn SMU around, so we’ll see if he can improve on this year’s 2-10 record in 2019.