An interesting video made its rounds on Twitter earlier this week when an Alabama fan made a humorous threat to Arkansas defensive back Ryan Pulley for putting hands on Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa.

During a play in the first quarter of Saturday’s game, Tagovailoa lined up out wide as a receiver, and Pulley made sure to get a couple jabs in on him when he had the chance.

“Let me tell you something, 11. Legal or not, if you ever hit this boy like that one more time, you would think Tua is my cousin, when I come to Arkansas with two of my cousins, and they’ll put four feet, two legs each, in your ass!” said the man in the video.

Check it out here, courtesy of @TideRecruits101 on Twitter:

On Tuesday, Pulley responded to the video, and didn’t seem too offended by the remarks made against him.

It’s good to see him have a good attitude about it, but all cornerbacks have been put on notice now, don’t mistreat the opposing QB if you get the chance.