McTelvin Agim carried a Chuck doll with him to SEC Media Days, and took every opportunity to share with anyone who asked about what the meaning of the gesture was to him.

“It represents somebody who was very dear to me, my little cousin,” the Arkansas defensive lineman said.

Agim’s cousin was murdered in a crime a little more than a year ago that he said is still an unsolved homicide.

“When they killed him, they took a little part of me away,” Agim said. “But now I’m able to have something that’s with me and is able to see everything that he was not able to. Being a part of this, you want to do it for your family. You want to make it to the next level for your family. When your family gets killed, it’s kind of hard to do that.”

Agim’s cousin, John Neal, was 19-years-old. Agim said his birthday was Tuesday. Agim explained that Neal was reported missing before he was found the next day in the back of a car that was set on fire.