Now that Sam Pittman has brought Arkansas from the dark side and into the light of college football relevancy once again, the final month of the season actually means something. It has been a while since we could say that, and it’s certainly refreshing to welcome back the Razorbacks to the mix.

Arkansas entered its bye week with a 5-3 record that includes impressive victories over Texas and Texas A&M. Now the Hogs have to go out and play at top form, finish strong and give the bowl committees something to think about when those invitations get handed out.

The Razorbacks are 1 victory away from becoming bowl-eligible with 4 SEC games remaining. Let’s take a look at those challenging contests and perhaps gauge what percentage chance the Hogs have to win each.

Mississippi State — Nov. 6 at Razorback Stadium

Up first is a Bulldogs team that is sometimes difficult to get a handle on. One week, it beats Texas A&M, while another, it loses to Memphis. MSU beat a pretty decent North Carolina State squad after having to make a near miraculous comeback just to beat Louisiana Tech; then it lost to LSU at home.

Trying to figure out which team you’re going to get seems solely dependent upon how the air raid attack is operating on that day. Mostly erratic, Mike Leach’s offense is good enough to pull off an upset, while at the same time it is capable of sputtering into the ground against a far lesser opponent.

But I’m taking a rested and hopefully healthier Razorbacks team to win this one. It’s on its home field, should have fresh legs and should be ready to take on the Bulldogs.

Chance of victory: 55 percent

LSU — Nov. 13 at Tiger Stadium

A team in disarray, the Tigers have struggled just to put practices together. They seem like a team that has opted out of the rest of the season. From players to lame-duck coaches, LSU is not in a good place as a program right now. A victory, even at Tiger Stadium, would seem likely, although the Tigers always put up a good fight down on the bayou.

Of course, that’s why they play the games, but Arkansas has a chance to build some momentum here. If the Hogs can take care of business at home against Mississippi State and then turn back the Tigers in Baton Rouge, that would put them at 7-3. That should get the attention of many of the better bowls that the SEC has ties to.

Chance of victory: 53 percent

Alabama — Nov. 20 at Bryant-Denny Stadium

The Razorbacks have been to Georgia already this season, so the level of football that will be played on the opposite side of the line of scrimmage that day won’t come as a surprise. The Hogs will know what to expect when they step onto the field.

That’s not to say that many are expecting the Hogs to pull off the upset. But again, that’s why they play the games. Arkansas beat Texas A&M, which beat Alabama. So yes, I’m saying there’s a chance. It’s a small one, but one nevertheless.

Chance of victory: 32 percent

Missouri — Nov. 26 at Razorback Stadium

This game could be tricky. It’s entirely possible that Missouri needs this win to become bowl-eligible. Perish the thought, but it’s also possible that the Razorbacks need this victory to qualify for a bowl. But we won’t entertain that thought. All signs point to the Hogs punching their ticket long before the turkey is carved.

But looking at Missouri’s schedule, it seems as though the Tigers just might have to have this one in order to extend their season. It’s for that reason that the Razorbacks are vulnerable for the upset.

Arkansas shouldn’t drop this game; it is the better team and is playing at home. But there are variables that could sway it the other way.

Chance of victory: 49 percent

So there you have it. If my math is correct, that would put Arkansas at 7-5, an attractive team for bowls like the Texas, Music City, Liberty or Duke’s Mayo Bowl. Start making those preliminary December travel plans.