Arkansas has one of the most unique live mascots in college football, a Russian boar that resides on the sideline of every game. The current iteration is Tusk V, who took over for his father, Tusk IV, this season.

Another live mascot has retired from its duties this year. Ralphie V, the mascot at Colorado, unfortunately had to be retired from her post because she was too quick for her handlers to properly control. A search for her replacement is currently underway.

On Thursday, Ralphie posted a picture on “her” Twitter account of a bouquet of flowers received from Arkansas. Tusk V “responded” on Twitter by wishing Ralphie a happy retirement.

Twelve years, which is how long the current Ralphie had been serving, is a long time in buffalo years. Let’s hope her time in retirement is as relaxing and refreshing as it can be.

As for Tusk V, who was born in Jan. 2018, his father served for 8 years, so he has plenty of time ahead of him yet.